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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part time care available?

I currently do not offer part time care. However if your child only needs 3 - 4 days of care the other days will be available to you for drop in care with advanced notice.

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Is there a 2 week deposit required?

No, I do not require a 2 week deposit. A non-refundable registration fee of $250 per child is due with registration paperwork. This will hold child’s spot for up to 4 weeks.

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How many children are in your program?

Typically 6-8 children under school-age are in care.

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What are the ages of the children in your program?

Due to the nature of the business the ages of the children in care can vary year to year. Typically 1 infant, 2 toddlers, 3 two year olds and 2 three year olds will be in care.

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Is a holding fee required?

Yes, but only to hold an available opening that is not being utilized.

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Are meals included?

Yes, breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack is served .

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Do you provide preschool and what is the curriculum?

At this time no formal preschool curriculum is used. I do my best to incorporate all our learning through play and everyday experiences. With a focus on reading, singing and talking about what is in our environment.

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Are diapers supplied?

No, you will be responsible for diapers.

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Do you allow the use of cloth diapers?

No, at this time I do not manage cloth diapers.

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How do you potty train?

Potty training will start when both child and family are ready.

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Do you have pets?


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