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The Day of a Busy Bee

Kids sitting on the front steps

Arrival - greet and play with friends

8:00 - healthy breakfast

8:30 - age appropriate activities

(fine motor skills, pre-literacy activity, group time, enrichment activity, art/craft, puzzles/games, music/movement)

9:30 - story time

10:00 - snack

10:30 - outdoor play and learning (gross motor activities, sensory activities, science/discovery)

11:30 - educational and fun show and get ready for lunch

12:00 - healthy lunch

12:45 - get ready for quiet time

3:00 - A Wild Kratts show while everyone is waking up

3:30 - snack

4:00 - outdoor play and learning until pickup (weather allowing)

Kind people are the best kind of people.

-Unknown Author

Want to learn why we structured the day this way?

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